I was born in 1953 in Leningrad, Russia (former USSR).
I was educated at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering(SPSUACE)
Throughout my childhood I was raised in an atmosphere that was full of nature, secrets, art and the laughter of my cousins, my uncle Evgeniy Linzbah, and my grandfather Marc Levin.
I became a member of the Hungarian Architect Association in 1987.
Work experience: 1982-1992 Alba Regia State Building Company , from 1992 : self employed architect..
Main buildings: Csajag-Primary school , Dunakeszi-High school Complex , Szekesfehervar- Commercial Bank and Shopping Centre, Sukoro-Hounting Club and many residential homes.
I have had a lifelong passion for all aspects of art and have always painted and drawn. Recently I have become particularly interested in silhouette art, using mainly black paper and scissors.